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Flagship store for custom flags

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What is everyone saying?

We bought from this company because it is veteran owned. We are glad we did. The flag is very well made with excellent materials and heavy stitching. It will fly here in the California desert so quality is important. The flag looks great, as the picture shows.

Bill S.

If I could give this company 10 stars I would. I got a proof in under 2 days and the flags were manufactured and shipped in under a week. Great Quality at a Great Price with Great Service.


Very satisfied with this order. Love the shopping experience here! They reply super fast and only took 3 days to ship my order! Best service ever. The color is super vibrate and distinguishable! All the installment Came with a bag, super easy to install. The flag is thick and durable. Good price with such a nice quality!

Pedro C.

This flag was good. I've bought flags from other places before and the flags were so thin, they were see-through sometimes...
This flag was nice and sturdy, the fabric is tough and seems like it can hold up to years of sunlight abuse.


These spent the month of March in my yard and added a seasonal flair. I love that they are double sided so they look just as good inside the house as they do outside.The flags are the normal "standard" size and they are highly durable. I only use these a few weeks per year so they won't fade much and will probably last a lifetime. Very pleased.

K. Furness

The best way to display any flag is by having one that holds its colors and doesn’t fray easily. An embroidered flag with edges stitched and a strong heading (the edge with the grommets nearest the flagpole) is required. This flag meets those requirements. It’s very well made and should last at least 4 to 5 years, if not longer, in a 4-season climate. Salute!


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