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How to Design Your Own Flag

How to Design Your Own Flag

When we say flags, you probably think about national flags. While this is the most common association, flags can also be used as a cost-effective advertisement for a brand or a business.

In our opinion, flags are a highly underestimated marketing tool, which you could use to stand out from the crowd. They are cheap, easy to install and serve both as brand promotion, as well as direction signs to help people find your store or office.

Creating your own flag isn’t as hard as it looks. In fact, it’s pretty easy. Learn how to create your own flag design in just five easy steps.

1.Decide what type of flag you need

There are different types of flags available in the market. The most well-known type of flag is a street flag which can be hung on a flagpole. However, you also have beach flags, which are installed along a street (or on a beach) and banner flags that can be posted on lamp posts to advertise a business. To make the best decision, consider what type of flag is best suited for your outdoor advertising strategy.

2. Choose a flag design template

You don’t need a fancy design software to create your own flags. With the help of online design tools you can easily design a business flag. These online flag makers have a wide range of templates you can customize to your own liking. They are equipped with different tools, fonts, colours and images you can use for free. The beauty of using free flag templates is that they’re usually already optimized for printing.

If you are creating your own flag design on a software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can input the custom dimensions on the flag when you’re creating a new document. Online print services also provide templates you can easily customise using these design programs, especially for those flags with unconventional shapes such as triangle-shaped boat flags or teardrop-shaped beach flags.

3. Start customising

Time to customise. Keep in mind that you’re creating an outdoor advertisement. Create a design that can instantly communicate a message in a manner of seconds.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your own flags for marketing:

  • Keep it simple. Flags are usually seen from a distance. The more details and graphics you have on your flag, the less legible it becomes.
  • Use meaningful imagery. Use graphic elements that support the product, service, or event being advertised. Keep your design in line with the brand’s identity or the event’s theme.
  • Limit your colours. The general rule is to keep your flag’s colour palette to around 2 to 3 colours. This would ensure better visibility and legibility. If you want to use more colours, make sure that the text can still be read from afar.
  • Include the essential details. It’s generally not recommended to include text on your flag design. However, exceptions can be made. Include all the need to know information such as dates, venue address, website links, and product prices

4. Choose your printing preferences

You’re almost there, you’ve only got some of the finishing touches left! When you give the design to your local print shop or send it to an online printer, our tip is to explain exactly how you want your flag printed.

This means deciding on what kind of material and thickness you want, as well as having the purpose of your flag in mind. Then just choose if you want to finish off your business flag with hooks or cords, or if you just want the flag itself.

5. Finalising your order

Congratulations! You’re at the final hurdle. Just select your quantity, delivery time, submit your artwork and wait for your perfect flag will be delivered.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your perfect flag here and before you know it, you’ll be generating public interest about your business. It’s that easy and if you’re feeling inspired, comment below!

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