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Short Sleeve Training Bibs

Original price £4.09 - Original price £4.89
Original price
£4.09 - £4.89
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Size: S
Material: 115g Polyester

These short-sleeve training bibs can be used for any sports like soccer, basketball, football and baseball as well as promotional clothing as they can be custom printed with whatever you like: team logos, numbers, names, company logos or advertising messages. They are perfect for team training programs for clubs, schools and colleges as they will allow the coach to track numbers during training.




Material Layer Printing
16.54''x19.69'' ( 42x50cm )

115g Polyester


Digital Printing

M 17.72''x21.02'' ( 45x53.4cm )
L 18.9''x22.44'' ( 48x57cm )
XL 24.01''x27.04'' ( 61x68.7cm )

These training bibs are of short sleeves design and sewn with elastic bands on sides for easy access. They are made from high-quality polyester which is not only durable and tear-resistant that can meet long-lasting needs for training programs, it is also highly suitable for printing custom graphics and colors. You can customize bright color uniform bibs to make your team stand out on the practice field. This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking  here.

Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Round Arch Trade Show Booths
Tear-resistant -Made of 100% polyester which is of good wear resistance, our sport bibs are firm and not easy to tear away.
Lightweight -Wearing such a light-weight bib will not add any burden for you when you are in the game or training.
Breathable- The 115g Polyester is of good ventilation which will give you a comfy wear.
3 sizes available -We provide 3 sizes for different aged people. Size S is for 1 to 5-year-old kids, M is for 6 to 12-year-old youths, L is the average size for adults.

Prominent display effect
Easy assembly
4 sizes available

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