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Hanging Wooden Poles Banner

Original price £29.71 - Original price £29.71
Original price
£29.71 - £29.71
Current price £29.71
Size: 50x200cm
Layer: Single
Material: Duplex Printable Blockout Polyester
Ensure your business gets plenty of attention with this sizeable hanging banner flag. It can be easily hung anywhere indoors and outdoors to increase your brand's exposure and drive traffic into your business. They are great for new product announcements, shopping mall business promotions, school events, or other exhibition events in a large space.
Custom Size
Duplex Printable
Blockout Polyester
Digital Printing
*The width of the banner can be chosen from 80cm to 115cm, and there is no limit on the length.
Both the top and bottom pieces of these banners are sewn with a pocket and a wooden pole will be inserted respectively. The top pole will come with a black rope, so you can hang the banner easily on the wall or ceiling. And the bottom pole will add drapability to the banner.
And these hanging banners are printed on our premium duplex printable Blockout Polyester. On the fabric, we can print different logos and patterns on the 2 sides on a single layer, they will not affect each other. And our newly introduced advanced duplex printing technique will ensure vivid, vibrant, and crisp graphics for you.
This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking  here.
Customized length - The width of the banner can be chosen from 80cm to 115cm, and the only limit to the length of your advertisement is your imagination and the height of your ceiling.
Prominent and gorgeous graphics - Advanced printing techniques and premium fabrics are used to promise an outstanding display effect for your business promotion.
Double brand exposure - Single layer fabrics with the different or same logo/designs printed on the 2 sides, our hanging banners will double the exposure and visibility of your business.
Free artwork service - Creating a unique advertising hanging banner for your next big event is quite easy, just simply upload your logo/image with the text you want to add to it and let us know your ideas or expectations about the design, our artwork team will make it for you for free.
Free artwork service
Customized length
Prominent and gorgeousgraphics
Double brand exposure
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