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Custom Header Flags

Original price £5.20 - Original price £140.55
Original price
£5.20 - £140.55
Current price £6.65
Size: 2x3' (0.6x0.9m)
Graphic: Single Sided By Digital Printing
Material: 【Recommend】110g knitted polyester
If you are looking for a flag that can fly freely in the air and is great for advertising in two different directions so customers can see no matter which way they are driving by your business or organization, our duplex printing flag will be a perfect choice.
Flag Fabrics
A Wide Variety of Fabric Choices Available

Printed with premium graphics, Duplex Printing Custom Header Flags are the best way to attract attention from your target audience. Each custom flag can be made to fit your graphic and scenarios. Our custom flag is definitely an optimum choice to make your promotional advertising display stand out!
We have up to 4 different premium fabrics available for making the banners for you. 
100D Polyester

Good penetration & economy & light in weight
Full color direct digital printing
Good for both indoor and outdoor uses
110g Knitted Polyester

Good penetration & wear resistance
Good for both indoor and outdoor uses
400D Spun Polyester

All-Weather Versatile Fabric, used both indoors and outdoors
Durable, withstand the elements and easily cleaned
Smooth and soft, wrinkle and shrink resistance
Blockout Polyester

Recommeded for indoor use.Heavy, durable and hard to tear
Available for single ply flag with different image
Please contact us if you need this special material

Printing Details
Duplex Digital Printing for Double Side Use
Adopting our newest printing machine and special fabrics, our duplex digitally printed flag is a single layer, but they can be printed with logo or patterns on both sides and they will not affect each other.
For Duplex Printable Blockout Polyester, you can choose the same or different logos/ patterns on the two sides. For the rest fabrics, only the same artwork is acceptable. The print effect of the reverse side is as good as the front side, but the logo/pattern on it would be the mirror image of the front side. The front side is right reading, the back side is not.

Flag Sizes
Various Sizes, Completely Customizable

Made4uflag provides a wide selection of materials for you to choose from, and both standard sizes and custom sizes are available. Standard sizes include 2' x 3', 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 5' x 8', 6' x 10', and custom sizes, like 60 x 90cm, 150 x 90cm, 90 x 180cm, 1m x 2m, etc., which is great for your promotional occasions.  This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking here.     
You can freely choose the position of the header for your header flag, and the flag header can be on the left, on the right, on the top, and on the bottom. Also, we have different fabric options for the pole pocket, you can choose according to your preference.
Product Care
All our flags are washable with cold water and mild detergent. After washing, please use air dry or iron dry it at a low setting. The life span of the advertising flag depends on both display and storage situations. Before storage, please make sure the whole piece is clean and dry.
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