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X Banner

Original price £50.19 - Original price £66.96
Original price
£50.19 - £66.96
Current price £56.19
Size: 2FT (60x160cm)
X banner is an extremely lightweight tension banner. It can be assembled easily in minutes with its durable X frame. It’s an ideal selection for you in the reception area or showroom.

Selected Fabrics for Your Perfect Display

As an expert in textile printing, we take the quality of our fabrics very seriously. When it comes to fabric options for X Banner, we would recommend tarpaulin and silver satin because they are durable and can be used over and over again.

Display Size

Picture Material / Display Rack Material
2FT (60x160cm) / 2.6FT (80x180cm) PP / Plastic + iron
Full-color, Stunning Graphic Printing

When you have printable artwork designs ready and successfully placed an order, your order and design will come directly to our factory. Your work will be printed on the fabric using advanced printing techniques. Besides, we also provide free art services to help you complete the design. Eye-catching graphic design and high-quality printing will bring your advertising display to attention in minutes. This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking here.
 Size 2ft(Width*Height) 2.6ft(Width*Height)
Display Size  23.6"X63"  (60x160cm)  31.5"X70.9" (80x180cm)
Unique X-like Design with Premium Hardware

X banner stands with lightweight fiberglass frames are affordable trade show tools you can use to create stunning banner-based presentations. X banner stands are often used at a trade show or retail presentation. These X banner stands utilize their X-like design to pull a banner taut, creating tension and ultimately displaying your graphics appealingly.
Product Care
All our fabrics are washable with cold water and mild detergent. After washing, please use air dry or iron dry it at a low setting. The life span of the display products depends on both display and storage situations. Before storage, please make sure the whole piece is clean and dry.
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