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Garden Flags

Original price £5.78 - Original price £6.17
Original price
£5.78 - £6.17
Current price £5.78
Size: 12''x18'' (30x45.7cm)
Layer: Single
Material: 110g Knitted Polyester
If you are considering delivering your message in a vivid way in your garden, lawn, or any other outdoor place, then you must need a garden flag. The customized garden flag with your logo on it means much more than just an embellishment, but acts as a symbol, or a sign which delivers your messages to passersby.



Custom Size


100D Polyester



110g Knitted Polyester

130g Shiny Knitted Polyester

Duplex Printable Blockout Polyester

Single layer, double-sided print
Duplex Printable 115g Knitted Polyester

Duplex Printable 100g 100D Polyester

Up to 10 kinds of fabrics are available to make the garden flags. All of them are durable and firm enough for both indoor and outdoor uses, but they also have their own features, you can choose the proper fabric according to your budget and occasion needs. This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking  here

  • 100D Polyester/110g Knitted Polyester: Good penetration, economic, lightweight, the most commonly used fabrics for flags. Both single-sided and double-sided are great.
  • 210D Oxford/165g 300D polyester/130g Shiny Knitted Polyester: Economic, endurable, good for both indoor and outdoor uses, but the penetration effect will be not so good, so if you want your brand info to be seen in more directions, double-sided print is recommended.
  • Duplex Printable Blockout Polyester - Our premium fabrics for flags, can be printed with different logos on the 2 sides of a single layer fabric.
  • Duplex Printable 100g 100D Polyester - Our premium fabrics for flags, can be double-sided printed with the same logo on just a single layer. The reverse side will be the mirror image of the front side, so the texts on the reverse will not read correctly.
  • Product Details
    Product Details
    Product Details
    Product Details
    Round Arch Trade Show Booths
    Customized - You can customize every aspect of your flag, from the shape, color, style, and logo to material or even the finishing.
    High-quality print - We will adopt different printing techniques to ensure your flag graphics are vivid and vibrant.
    Easy installation - With a pocket sewn on the top, you can slip the flags easily to the poles to finish the installation.
    Replaceable flags - You can purchase the flags with or without hardware, so whenever you need to replace graphics for your garden flags, you can get them easily at us.


    High-quality print
    Replaceable flags
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