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Bike Flags

Original price £22.48 - Original price £22.72
Original price
£22.48 - £22.72
Current price £22.48
Size: 11.8'' x 7.9'' (30x20cm)
Layer: Single Sided By Digital Printing
Material: 110g Knitted Polyester
Initially designed for bicycle safety, these flags have also become popular for marketing purposes. They are a great mobile advertising tool. Print your logo on the flag, and set it up on the bike, when you are cycling, it will create an eye-catching look when moving or stationary to help spread your brand and products. Let your brand make a deep impression on our moving bike flags.
Shapes Material Layer Printing
11.8'' x 7.9'' (30x20cm)

110g Knitted Polyester


Digital Printing

Custom size


This bike flag is made with selected flag fabrics and features a fiberglass pole to enhance visibility, so it’s easily seen by other people. The fiberglass pole is flexible enough that can be bent without breaking. It is strong enough to withstand strong wind, tree branches, advertising board, and another possible impacts.

We provide standard sizes (11.8'' x 7.9'') and custom sizes for you. You can print your logo single-sided or double-sided on the flag. For double side, a blackout cloth will be inserted in the middle to prevent interaction of the logo on both sides.

This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking here.
If the options we provided above does not meet your requirements,please contact us by clicking here.
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Round Arch Trade Show Booths
Heavy Duty -The bike flags pole made of fiberglass can stand up most weather conditions. 
Easy to install - The bike flag can be mounted on the rear axle of bikes in just a few seconds.
Fully customizable- Every detail of the customization process is up to you!
No MOQ -We  have no minimum quantity requirement. You can order this flag of any amount at a wholesale price.                                                                                                                                                                
Heavy Duty
Fully customizable
Easy to install
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