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Curve Tent Billboard Banner

Original price £7.54 - Original price £7.54
Original price
£7.54 - £7.54
Current price £7.54
Size: 10"×10"
Material: 180g Elastic Polyester
Adding such a billboard banner with a shape like a half moon to your tent, you will get maximum brand exposure in trade shows, sports events, farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts, and other promotional events. It will instantly convert your message into a billboard that goes up in seconds. It is a great accessional tool for a tent to stand out and showcase your brand.
Size Material Layer Printing
89.8''x41.7'' (228x106cm)
180g Elastic Polyester Single Dye Sublimation
This unique curve tent billboard banner can be easily connected to any 10ft span of our advertising tents with the holders we provide, which means you can attach it to any side of our 10x10 tents, and left or right side of 10x15 and 10x20 tents.

The banner will be sewn with a pole pocket on the edge, so you can easily slip the pole into it. And the banner’s height is fully adjustable by easily sliding the clamp hardware up or down on the tent leg. This is a custom product. Please send your design to us by clicking here.
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
Product Details
curve tent billboard banner

Unique shape -The unique half-moon shape will attract more attention to your display booth.
Tool-Free assembly -The billboard banner can be easily attached to tent legs with matched clamps, no extra tool is required.
Customized graphic - Any designs are welcome. You can customize a graphic to match your tents.
Unmatched visibility - The height of the banner can be adjusted to high enough to give your brand ultimate visibility.
Elegant look
Unique shape
Replaceable graphic
Customized graphic
Elegant look
Tool-Free assembly
Replaceable graphic
Unmatched visibility

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